Reason to choose

  • ARH HR Helps in managing the human resources Records
  • Manage Performance, work cycle and projects together with ARH HR
  • Track, monitor and Analyze the entire work schedule everyday
  • This mobile-friendly application assists in administrating and asset management as well
  • Supervise Finances smoothly
HR Agency Management
HR Agency in Delhi


  • Customized sections for the roles and needs of an organization
  • Updated UX
  • Integrations accessible for various information including SAP, Microsoft, AWS, and Google etc.
  • RBAC inserted for various hierarchies and roles
  • Bring smooth flow and transparency to HR Agency Management with employees, funds, administration and much more.
  • AI/ML and Analytics
  • Intelligent BOT integration- J.IA
  • GeoFence and Face Attendance for outside working personnel.
  • Complaint to entire data requirements, complaint to GDPR and ISO27001.

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